If his 3 favourite letters are ROI, I hope you’ve got a bottle of wine for everyday that ends in ‘y’. I know I do.

Challenge number 4 in our list of The 10 Challenges of Loving Executive Men is all about guys who are glued to calculators.

If he’s calculating the return on investment for a milestone purchase like a house or a car, fine. Go nuts, bud. But if he’s doing it for something small like a pair of shoes or how much booty he’s getting after paying for dinner, then that’s a problem. The most unattractive thing a man can do is put a “financial” spin on every last detail of his life, including his interactions with his bae.

By calculating the value of a dollar spent on small purchases, if he’s not living paycheque to paycheque, an executive can make you feel hyper conscious about how you spend your time together. Why? Because when you’re spending time together, you’re spending money together.

Still don’t see the problem?

It’s tough to do anything impulsive unless you know what his ROI calculation thresholds are. Wanna take off to Vegas last minute because the stars somehow magically aligned and you’re both able to take the weekend off? Okay, but then how many hours is he going to spend talking about if you got the best deal on the hotel booking? How many BJs is it going to take to get him to shut the hell up? Can you switch out BJs for tequila shots? How many tequila shots? I don’t know about you boo, but I refused to take calculus in high school so the math gets tough real quick and I’d rather not deal with it all together.

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When the idea of selling him is more appealing than following his calculations.

Instead of thinking you shouldn’t have suggested a trip, as an example, try one of my following tactics to change his perspective on the value of money spent:

1) Redirect the conversation from quantitative value to qualitative value. If you start pointing out value that cannot be measured you can help take his mind off crunching numbers. Example: you brought his favourite pair of heels and will wear them all weekend (but don’t do that because, girl, your poor feet!).

2) Give him a way out. Return policy. Free cancellation. You get it. Guys tend to be less savvy shoppers than women.

3) Put things into perspective. If he’s always crunching numbers, chances are he doesn’t always look at the big picture. Point out that your schedules hardly ever line up and planning in advance is a luxury you can’t afford. Remind him that he’s in a financial position to afford a last minute trip, even if you didn’t get the best deal. Only do this if you are familiar with his financial situation.

4) Ask him what the alternative would’ve been. If he points out a better deal, then ask him why he didn’t go with that one. Get him to do his own analysis. Eventually, he’ll realize that he’s talking in circles and notices that you’re no longer listening. He’ll get sick of hearing his own voice and hopefully close the calculator app on his phone.

If none of those work, then pull out that bottle of wine, grab two stems and holler atcha girl. I’m always down for a glass of pinot grigio. In the meantime, sign up to get into the Candy Jar. Why? Because taking alcohol from strangers outside of a bar is frowned upon and I’m not that kind of girl. 🙂

Here’s the next challenge.



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