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Dad wants you to marry a doctor, lawyer, accountant or some mutant hybrid combination of the above. Disney tells you that he’s gotta be all the way perfect.

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People post their engagement and wedding pictures on Facebook and Instagram as enthusiastically as their photographer’s marketing team. A year later, you may see an anniversary post reminding you how in love and happy your married friends are…but the rest of the year? Crickets.

That’s because relationships are hard work. They get ugly, messy and downright dirty at times. We all know this but hardly anyone talks about it unless you find yourself casually browsing a relationship blog or podcast to do “research” for your “friend’s man problems”. Then when you get the advice you think you’re looking for, it’s so generic that its supposed to work for everyone and, of course, comes with a disclaimer at the end that cautions “not all men are like that”.

That’s why this blog was created. To talk about only those men who are “like that”. To breathe some context into the conversation of relationship advice and not only to provide words of wisdom when things go south, but also to help ladies who’ve been plagued by the Disney effect to really take a step back and understand what they’re signing up for with their preferred type of Prince charming. Hint: he isn’t perfect.

We as a society are only enhancing the Disney effect by posting pictures of over the top, beautifully expensive perfect weddings, paired with pre-wedding engagement shoots. It’s time to stop the madness and start a real dialogue.

I’ll go first: I have a problem. I’m attracted to successful men and they’re a lot more work than I thought.

Your turn.

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